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RXLA in August 2022

RXLA in August 2022

August Happenings:


Pop-Up Schedule: Find us @melrosetradingpost and @smorgasburg every Sunday in August.

We will also be @626nightmarket 8/26-8/28


Warehouse Sale: We're aiming to have our annual warehouse sale online around the week of August 14th! We're clearing out imperfect and seasonal scents. So be on the lookout for the announcement via newsletters and SMS texts.

Sign up for texts:


Gardenia: In case you missed it, Gardenia is our newest fragrance! It's here for a limited time, and it's selling fast. It comes in candles, diffusers, room sprays, all-in-1 sprays, perfumes, and incense.


NEW Rollerballs: We've upgraded our rollerball perfumes! These are one of our best selling products. The new larger vile also features a stainless steel rollerball. We're randomly selecting some packages to receive a free rollerball upgrade. All the rollerballs will be upgraded online soon!

NEW Travel Set: By request, we are putting together a travel set! Did you know having a candle with you while traveling can make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings?! Sounds a little "extra" but trust us, having your fav fragrance with you is a game changer. OR use our travel set to try out new fragrances :) 


NEW Diffusers: New reed diffuser bottles are coming out. We have a new high end bottle. The glass is thicker, and it has a beautiful black screw top to disperse the reeds. 


NEW Diffuser Refills: By demand, we are introducing a diffuser refill bottle! Now you can keep your luxury reed diffuser bottle and simply buy a refill. The refill bottle with fill 2.5 bottles of the new jars. It doesn't have to be full either, so you can fill your diffuser jar up as high as you like, and conserve the refill. Comes with 2 sets of new reeds.


NEW 50 oz Candle: Our new XL 50 oz candle is even larger. It comes in a taller vase, and looks even more luxurious. It is $198 and now comes with one FREE refill! Refills are $75, so this candle can be used over and over again.


*New products are all coming in August and will be announced 

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